Blanton Forest Expands with KNLT’s Help

The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission (KSNPC) recently purchased 386 acres in Harlan County, which was dedicated as an addition to Blanton Forest State Nature Preserve during the commission’s March meeting. The tract was originally purchased by KNLT and held until it could be added to the state preserve. This addition connects two previously noncontiguous […]

KNLT & the Royal Visit

KNLT staff members were honored to have been included in the events held for the Royal visit to Louisville last week. Our staff had a unique opportunity to briefly discuss our work on Pine Mountain with Prince Charles. He asked several question and was particularly interested in knowing whether the Monarch butterflies use the mountain […]

KNLT Expands the Largest Conservation Effort in the Commowealth’s History

Kentucky Natural Lands Trust, a statewide land trust, is working on the largest landscape conservation effort in the Commonwealth’s history with a campaign to protect thousands of additional acres on Pine Mountain. Fourteen projects covering more than 9,000 acres of significant natural areas are targeted, significantly furthering the goal of a large contiguous protected wildlife […]