Blanton Forest Expands with KNLT’s Help

The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission (KSNPC) recently purchased 386 acres in Harlan County, which was dedicated as an addition to Blanton Forest State Nature Preserve during the commission’s March meeting. The tract was originally purchased by KNLT and held until it could be added to the state preserve. This addition connects two previously noncontiguous tracts of the preserve and brings the total protected acreage of Blanton Forest SNP to 3,510 acres of old growth and second growth forests.

“The Gaines tract is one of the best managed forest tracts on Pine Mountain. Sonny Gaines, a Western Kentucky University biology major, and his father were excellent forest managers, as well as commercial timber operators,” KNLT Executive Director Hugh Archer said. The Gaines family observed the conservation efforts going on around them for more than 15 years before agreeing to sell their family forest to KNLT in 2010. Since then, the Gaines family has helped with stewardship and protection of the forest.”

3/26/2015 – KSNPC Press Release