A Deep Ecologist Remembered

We wanted to offer a few words of remembrance for Doug Tompkins, a renowned conservationist who died in Chile last week in a kayaking accident. Doug had a remarkable life filled with adventure and many notable accomplishments including founding North Face and Esprit, protecting vast stretches of Chile and Argentina and establishing the Foundation for Deep Ecology. He was a champion of conservation, particularly in South America but also here in Kentucky. His Foundation for Deep Ecology published many notable books over the years including Wildlands Philanthropy, a book highlighting the power and impacts of philanthropy aimed at conservation. The book highlighted nearly 40 stories from around the world and three of these stories were from Kentucky. KNLT’s Blanton Forest project was one of the highlights, as were stories of our partners at Bernheim and Floracliff.

Doug has a truly interesting life story and did so much to protect our planet. He has been referred to as a 21st Century Teddy Roosevelt for his ambitious efforts to create vast national parks in South America, he and his wife Kris have protected 2.2 million acres. We are grateful for all the contributions he made both here in Kentucky and all around the world.

“I’m an unabashed, shameless conservationist. I know everyone doesn’t have my resources, but I say don’t worry, do things to the best of your ability because you’ll find it rewarding and helpful and it’s paying rent for living on the planet. So just do it. Just do it.” ~ Doug Tompkins, Outside Oct. 2015

Learn more about Doug:
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National Geographic Remembrance: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/12/151209-north-face-founder-death-kayak-patagonia-yvon-chouinard/
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Wildlands Philanthropy: https://www.wildlandsphilanthropy.org/

photo by Antonio Vizcaíno, Wildlands Philanthropy