The Wildlands of Pine Mountain

KNLT has completed production of our short film The Wildlands of Pine Mountain. The film was shown at film festivals in Louisville and Morehead over the last few months. We are pleased to now share it with you and encourage you to share it with your friends.

Wildlands are an essential part of life on our planet, and it is essential for our future that we protect and steward them. Pine Mountain is a 125-mile forested ridgeline in Central Appalachia that is a critical wildlife refuge and migratory route through a region familiar with extensive resource extraction. For over 20 years the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust has worked to protect, connect and restore this expansive biological treasure. The Pine Mountain Wildlands Corridor is the largest conservation effort in Kentucky’s history.


Watch “The Wildlands of Pine Mountain” Now

Produced by: Kertis Creative | Script by: KNLT
Narration by: Joan Shelley | Music by: Warren Byrom & Joan Shelley

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