KNLT Summer Artists’ Retreat 2017

KNLT hosted a summer artists’ retreat on Pine Mountain in early June. We invited a diverse group of artists for the weekend to engage them in our Pine Mountain Wildlands Corridor project, the largest conservation effort ever undertaken in Kentucky. The historic Pine Mountain Settlement School offered the group a lovely setting for the retreat and the weekend was spent showing the group the wonders of the mountain. We hiked to the summit of Bad Branch State Nature Preserve, searched for salamanders and visited Whitesburg for Seedtime on the Cumberland. Pine Mountain always offers visitors unique mountain experiences. We have hosted nearly 100 artists on retreats since 2015. Those artists that have attended are now part of the Pine Mountain Collective.

Facebook gallery of images from the weekend: Summer Artists’ Retreat Photos

Fall Retreat Albumn

We were honored to have the following individuals participate:
Zoé Strecker, co-host, visual artist, writer & art professor Transylvania University, website
Erik Reece, co-host, author & professor of environmental/nonfiction writing at U.K.
Rebecca Allan, painter (Bronx, NY), website
Connie Begg, photographer & professor San Francisco Academy of Art University, website
Geoff Carr, photographer, website
Chuck Clenney, visual artist, poet & GM of Lexington Community Radio, website
Roy Crawford, retired mining & forensic engineer & KNLT board
Frank Doring, photographer, website
Marc Evans, retired senior ecologists with KSNPC & KNLT board
Susan Hamilton, photographer & KNLT board
Madison Heltzel, visual artists, website
Scotty Howe, commercial realtor
Laurie Keller, retired environmental lawyer & KNLT board
Ed Krebs, architect
Tommaso Lana, educators trainer & “embodied learning” advocate, website
Nana Lampton, painter & poet
Kathleen Lolley, visual artists, website
Mo McKnight Howe, photographer, Revelry Gallery owner & KNLT board, website
Jessica Malloy, writer & founder of Connecting Things Louisville
Seth Murphy, musician
Julia Purcell, musician & musical therapist, Maiden Radio
Melanie Ratcliff, designer & KNLT board
Julia Taylor,  attorney & KNLT board
Ted Wathen, photographer, website

KNLT Staff
Greg Abernathy, co-host & KNLT Assistant Director
Hugh Archer, KNLT Executive Director
Derrick Lindsay, KNLT Forest Steward