KNLT Fall Artists’ Retreat 2016

KNLT recently hosted our fourth artists’ retreat on Pine Mountain. We hosted 17 artists for the weekend to engage them in our Pine Mountain Wildlands Corridor project, the largest conservation effort ever undertaken in Kentucky. We stayed at the lovely, historic Pine Mountain Settlement School and spent the weekend showing them the wonders of the mountain in hopes they would be inspired by their time with us. We visited Valley of the Winds Gallery, Jeff and Sharman Chapman-Crane studio in Eolia, and hiked at Bad Branch State Nature Preserve. The weekend was filled with unique mountain experiences along with many thoughtful conversations. We are so grateful and honored that these artists came and shared their weekend with us. There is a long unique history of art and conservation, and KNLT is thrilled to be continuing the tradition with these artists. They are part of an ever growing group of artists that have participated in retreats over the last two years, the group has become know as the Pine Mountain Collective.

Visit our Facebook gallery for images from the weekend: Artists’ Retreat Photos

Fall Retreat Albumn

We were honored to have the following individuals participate:
Zoé Strecker, retreat co-host, visual artist, writer & art professor/Transylvania University, website
Saraya Brewer, writer, editor & community organizer, managing editor of Chevy Chaser, Southsider &
Marcie Crim, director of KY Health Justice Network & former WMMT manager
Kim Comstock, painter, website
Gaia Dyczko, textile artist/designer, Blufrontier
John Ferguson, musician, Big Fresh/Apples in Stereo
Robert Gipe, author, website
Vallorie Henderson, textile artists, website
Anna Hess, musician & director of North Limestone MusicWorks
Scott Hotaling, biologist & landscape photographer, Light of the Wild
Gerry James, storyteller, director Explore Kentucky Initiative
Stephanie Jeter, musician, website
Sky Marietta, painter, curriculum & instruction specialist at Pine Mtn Settlement School
Colleen Newcomb, artist – current medium glass
Joen Pallesen, artist – wood & spray mediums, Forecastle Festival art wall artist, website
Jason Scroggin, associate professor of architecture/UK College of Design, website
Kimberly Conlee Smith, musician, Big Fresh/Frigidkitty