New Preserve Protects the Rare & Endemic Kentucky Glade Cress

Kentucky Glade Cress

Kentucky Natural Lands Trust (KNLT) has purchased 54 acres of conservation land in Bullitt County protecting the rare Kentucky glade cress, a tiny plant that is found nowhere else in the world except Bullitt and Jefferson counties. It is considered rare because of its limited range.

KNLT Board Chairman Marc Evans discovered this population of Kentucky glade cress in Bullitt County more than 25 years ago in his work with the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission. Evans said, “After all these years, I am thrilled that this amazing plant will be protected through this new conservation purchase.”

KNLT Executive Director Hugh Archer added, “We are excited to work with our state, federal and nonprofit partners to help preserve this incredible plant.” The plant was federally-listed as a threatened species in 2014, but its numbers continue to decline primarily through habitat destruction from urban sprawl.

10/5/2015 – Press Release
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