Blanton Forest Added to the Old-Growth Forest Network

KNLT is excited to announce that on May 20, 2016 Blanton Forest was added to the Old-Growth Forest Network, a growing alliance dedicated to the preservation of unique and beautiful native forests across the U.S.

blog_blantonogfn03KNLT formed in 1995 to protect the old-growth forest that is now Blanton Forest State Nature Preserve. Our efforts have increased the protected area surrounding the old-growth tract, and have expanded to the entire 125-miles of Pine Mountain and other key areas throughout the Commonwealth. “It is an honor for Blanton Forest to be recognized and become the first forest in Kentucky added to the Old-Growth Forest Network.” said Greg Abernathy, KNLT Assistant Director.

OGFN logo“Our nation’s original forests have been reduced to a tiny fraction of their former magnificence. The Old-Growth Forest Network is working to designate one forest in every county where people can always experience their natural heritage and nurture a deeper relationship with the natural world. Like the trees we love, the supporters of the Old-Growth Forest Network stand together to ensure these forests will never be logged. Dedicated individuals and caring communities make this promise possible. We are grateful to all who have worked tirelessly to preserve Blanton Forest.”
~ Joan Maloof, Old-Growth Forest Network Founder & Director

Plan a visit to hike at Blanton by visiting:
OGFN Blanton Forest page:!blanton-forest-state-nature-preserve/fqi2x
Learn more about the OGFN by visiting:

(photo by Thomas G. Barnes)